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Columbus Vending Co. Model No. 5 Gum Version 1

5 Cent


Red Enamel with Gold Pin Striping

Misc. Info
This is a two column package machine that is one of the first machines developed by the Columbus Vending Company. This machine was first designed to vend chocolate, but was then converted to vend a slab of gum. The machine was designed to have changeable face plates. Some of the designs are listed below:

Columbus Model G
Has the clown face with Adams Tutti-Frutti Gum embossed.

Columbus Model L
-Has the clown face with Gum embossed.
-Somtimes found with a "The Hance Foundry Company" Decal

Columbus No. 5 Gum
-Has a mirror with Columbus No -5- Gum embossed.

Blinkey Eye Soda Mint
-Has the clown face with Soda Mint Gum embossed.

Freeport Chew Soda Mint Gum
-Has Chew Soda Mint Gum embossed.

Blinkey Eye Standard Gum Machine Works
-Has the clown face with A Wink and a Smile Every Gum embossed.

The Daisy Standard Gum Machine Works
-Has The Daisy Box Matches embossed.

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